Sinclair Library Basement Renovation

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Sinclair Library Basement Renovation – Phase 1

Honolulu, Hawaii

Completed in 2013

The Sinclair Library Basement project transformed a previously low and dark space used for book storage into a hierarchy of office space that takes strategic advantage of daylighting opportunities. Shared “community” spaces, including break rooms and conference rooms, open onto the landscaped courtyards. On the interior side, the supervisors’ private offices were placed along the mauka end of the project space with transparent partitions and sliding glass doors to allow visual connection to staff work stations, located in the center of the space.

The project accommodated the relocation of the Office of Research Services. The design incorporates private offices, open modular work stations, conference rooms, file storage, reception kitchenette and staff lounge. Landscape improvements included new hala trees and ground cover along University Avenue, and an enclosed courtyard furnished with new outdoor seating, planters and additional hala trees. Office workers also enjoy using the shaded areas of the courtyards for lunch breaks.

Because  Sinclair  Library  is  over  50  years  old  and is a historically  significant mid-century building,  the project was reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Division. A new, energy-efficient HVAC system and lighting were part of the project, which also incorporated recycled wood in offices and conference spaces, and low-VOC building materials throughout.