Queen’s Medical Center CT Scan Room Renovations

QMC CT-Scan Rooms

Honolulu, Hawai’i

Completed 2021

On average a CT-Exam can last up to 30 minutes or longer. If patients are claustrophobic, have a hard time staying still, or suffer from chronic pain this type of exam can be stressful. Our architectural response to this was to design a calming experience for the patient. In both rooms– emergency and non-emergency CT-Scan rooms, we selected a neutral/warm interior color palette to compliment a dimmable image in the ceiling. The patients can focus on the imagery while examined. At the non-ER imaging room, a dimmable hue light system was designed to allow patients to have some control over their environment. They can pick a color and brightness of the room before beginning their procedure. Other design features include: new observation rooms, new CT-Scanners, and one-thousand-pound bariatric lifts.