Hawaii Community College Pālamamui Campus Long Range Development Plan

University of Hawaii

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Completed 2010

At the time of the LRDP, West Hawaii was the only remaining major geographic area and population center in the State of Hawaii without a permanent facility for higher education. The first phase of the campus was designed to accommodate the transition from the present site to the new campus Hawaii Community College Pālamanui Campus.

The most obvious site constraint is its isolation from any infrastructure and constructing on virgin lava land that had never been developed for modern use. These challenges provided the design team opportunities to explore sustainable and ecologically driven solutions. Key design strategies include sunlight harvesting (photovoltaic panels), daylighting harvesting, mix-mode air conditioning/natural ventilation system, onsite wastewater system (constructed wetlands) and water reuse for irrigation of the xeriscape landscape. The 73-acre project site includes a large archeological preserve consisting of an extensive lava tube complex containing various archaeological features and human burials. By preserving much of the site, the project becomes an opportunity to capture a unique spirit and Hawaiian cultural environment. Hawaii Community College Pālamanui Campus was envisioned and designed as a learning laboratory: a place for learning and a learning tool itself.