Hawaii Community College Manono Campus Long Range Development Plan

University of Hawaii

Hilo, Hawaii
Completed 2010

This Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) updates previous Hawaii Community College LRDPs to provide for changing circumstances and expanded educational requirements. UH Hilo is currently split between the upper (Hilo) campus and the Manono campus; this split campus is inefficient and marginal in meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff.

The update’s objectives include: revisiting of the facilities development ultimate plans; recommendation of new capital improvement projects and renovations to best accommodate the educational program needs of the Hilo Manono campus; revising of the civil, landscape, electrical/communication ultimate plans; developing the facilities implementation plan that will satisfy both short and long-range requirements; updating architectural design and landscaping guideline to ensure cohesive and aesthetic campus development; developing and incorporating a barrier free and site accessibility program; and developing sustainable and ecological design strategies.

The LRDP includes the Educational Specifications, Long Range Development Plan and the University’s participation.


Honolulu Chapter, American Institute of Architects
Unbuilt Award, 2011