Ewa Marina Development

Haseko Hawaii

ʻEwa Beach, Hawaii
Design Completed

The ʻEwa Marina master plan for a water-oriented neighborhood locates a variety of 4,850 dwelling units around a large 160-acre marina.

The project includes a mix of commercial services, golf links, and a ring road system supporting a range of housing types. Housing was placed hierarchically from more urban mixed-use/midrise condominiums and apartments at the core of the development, moving in descending density to upland townhouses and single-family neighborhoods, to water-oriented duplex units fronting Venice-like canals, and finally to exclusive, high-end single-family housing on a private island or facing the natural sandy beach at the end of the ring road.

The master plan was refined to a point where it could be tested for financial and engineering feasibility, and explored the schematic development of the different housing types.  Central to the master plan was the establishment of a strong conceptual basis, which could be modified over time.