Kaka‘ako Microhousing Development

Hawaii Community Development Authority

Honolulu, Hawaii

The design objective was to develop an affordable building that meets the needs of the Area Median Income gap group, constructed with economy and innovation in mind. The project has been designed using steel panels that can be constructed off-site and shipped to the site for installation at a faster rate of floor construction. The result is a new, affordable and functional building that fulfils all building code requirements.

The concept is determined by an L-shaped enclosure comprised of two towers around an interior courtyard visible through the retail frontage. Tower A faces Cooke Street and contains all 2 bedroom units, which are arranged on a single loaded corridor to allow access to daylight and natural ventilation at both ends of the units. Tower B faces the landscaped interior courtyard and contains 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom, and studio units with designated square footages at 185sf, 285sf, and 385sf respectively.

The lobby is located at the mauka end of Tower A , with automobile, scooters, and bike-designated parking spaces at the makai end. Between these are street-frontage commercial spaces with access to the Interior Courtyard, envisioned as a pedestrian-friendly seating area. A mezzanine level contains community spaces with views to the landscape.

A small building footprint allows for a greater amount of open space while the L-shaped building form creates an enclosed garden area. This internal space provides useful passive and active areas for gardening and barbequing as well as public use by customers of the proposed retail. Emphasis is given to the use of local flora and xeriscapes and large native shade trees occupy the open spaces. The roof contains photovoltaic panels that produce on-site energy targeting a net-Zero project.